Placement Ponderings 7&8

I began by meeting Josie at the QE2 in Welwyn. We chatted to Dawn, who we had met the previous week and she didn’t seem as ‘well’ as she had done the previous week. I then attended my last supervision meeting with Verity. I was pleased and privileged that she praised me so much and I was pleased to be able to have my concerns about Pauline very well received.
I then accompanied Karen to Sovereign House, the open unit and we chatted again to the staff, but the patients were drawn and very reluctant to talk. Karen was introduced quite formally which could have been part of the issue.

I returned to Seward Lodge to meet with Pauline on Thursday and I found the dementia ward very difficult again. I think the reason I find that so hard is because there is no hope – it is just loss after loss until death.
Afterwards I ended the day at the office and had a de-brief with Edward and he expressed his pleasure at how the placement had gone which really boosted my confidence.
I then had time to do quite a bit of reading on some of the conditions I had seen that I was not as familiar with at the beginning of the placement.

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