Mission Statement

Who are we?

We are a group of people passionate about supporting and caring for those affected by mental illness. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the key issues within our society, confronting stigmas and stereotypes and changing attitudes towards those suffering from these conditions.

What do we do?

We meet regularly in Northwood, Middlesex and, through media publications via email, Facebook, twitter and local churches we aim to increase awareness of the mental health issues.

ThinkTwice also runs awareness events, aimed at educating young adults about current mental health issues within our society. Our first event was in 2011 and has established the foundation for further future events.


Our vision is for a society, led by the church, which understands and supports those affected by ill mental health without judgement, condemnation, stigma or stereotype.

In the future it is our aim to establish a group of multi-disciplinary professionals- including theologians, psychiatrists and counsellors- to be actively involved in offering support to those affected by mental illness Furthermore, ThinkTwice aims to offer increasingly high quality mental health awareness resources for churches and local charities.

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