Our skewed view of food…

I stumbled across this article the other day:


It brought me to tears. For the girl and her family. For a world which so abuses the very thing that helps to keep us alive. It seems to me that the Church has a responsibility to teach about food – we speak about finances in a recession, and relationships – but all too often we shy away from something which is such a huge issue in our society.

There are people starving, with no food to eat; people gorging on food with all the food, and more they need. There are people starving themselves and refusing the food before them, suffering from an acute, unspeakable pain – whilst others try to eat their way to happiness, searching for comfort.

Where did we go wrong?

Food isn’t meant to be used as a punishment – or a safety blanket. It is meant to be used to nourish our bodies.

I am far from claiming that I know how to use food correctly – I’ll reach for a chocolate bar after a hard day, I’ve struggled to control my life through my diet. I’ve sat in front of a beautifully prepared plate of food and pushed it away – feeling guilty and fat.

We need to rediscover food as fuel. It is an attitude that needs to be rediscovered by our leaders. Surely, the focus should be on being healthy – not losing or gaining weight? Focusing on nourishment and the enjoyment of flavours and textures enjoying the goodness of the food we have – without gluttony or self-denial.

It is my hope that we can begin to see that we are meant to nourish our bodies with food with neither lack or excess.



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