Suffering Sparks Dreams

If you’ve seen the ThinkTwice twitter or Facebook page recently you can’t have failed to notice that we’ve had a bit of an exciting weekend, booking a headlining act for ThinkTwice Cafe Concert and meeting some great youth leaders at the Youth Work Summit early day at LST. Following the twitter action from the main event I’ve loved reading the quotes and catching a bit of what’s going on (though sad revision prevented me from going…but I’m not bitter, promise!).

Anyway, there was one quote which caught my eye in particular: “You want to find hope when the vision dies. Go to the suffering. Then and there the dream sparks back to life”.

It has certainly been true in the short life of ThinkTwice. On the days when I wasn’t sure I’d ever get anything off the ground, when I wonder if I’m doing it right and I’m low on energy – it is on these days that I have to go back to the beginning. Return to the reason I am doing this.

So why do I bother?

I bother because I have heard far too many stories of people being rejected – by churches and society because of their mental health conditions.

I bother because my family and I have been through too much to waste the years.

I bother fighting for because there are those who cannot fight for themselves.

ThinkTwice was birthed out of a loss of hope. A loss of hope and a desire to claw it back.

Suffering sparked my dream for ThinkTwice.

What suffering sparks yours dream?


One thought on “Suffering Sparks Dreams

  1. On The Way

    For me, my experience with depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts sparked a dream to prevent other young people from suffering alone. I may not be so young anymore but I hope that as a youth worker and with the right training in psychology I might be able to walk beside those who are struggling. Even if I can’t do a lot to help (just as no one has really been able to help me in my own darkness) I know that just knowing someone is there and won’t forsake you can make all the difference.


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