Travel Companions

I think travel companions are pretty important. If you have ever been in a car with me, for example, you will soon realise how vital your presence is. The likelihood that I will get lost is pretty high and having a calm voice and someone to look at the google map app on my phone are vital.

In the rest of life, travel companions are arguably even more important than they are when I’m driving. Throughout my life it has been those people who have walked and stumbled alongside me who have made the days of light more enjoyable and the dark days more endurable.

The Emmaus Road seems to demonstrate to me the ultimate in a travel companion. When Jesus walked alongside Cleopas and his friend, He did not rush in with clever answers instead He listened, walked alongside and comforted the men who believed all hope had been lost when Jesus died on the cross.

For the mentally ill, having someone who cares enough to walk alongside them is more powerful than the cleverest of words and the most sparkling psychological insight. In fact, it isn’t even restricted to the mentally ill. The presence of another, a travel companion makes the most arduous journey, bearable.



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