5 Ways to Fundraise for ThinkTwice

We love doing our work – but as with all things – we need a little help! We would love you to raise awareness and fundraise for us, so we thought we’d give you a few hints.

1. ThinkTwice Bake-Off
The Charities Aid Foundation estimated that a staggering £185 million was raised through baking fundraisers last year – so jump on the bandwagon and hold one for us!
2. ThinkTwice Come Dine With Me
Staying with the foodie theme, get a group of friends together, host a dinner party each and charge your friends, buy a prize for the winner and donate the rest of the money!
3. ThinkTwice Sings The…Blues/Showtunes/90s
Take your pick and hold a concert, gig or open-mic, charge a couple of pounds for entry and enjoy hearing the dulcet tones of your friends and family.
4. ThinkTwice Race
If you’re sporty, why not enter a local 10k, half marathon or bike ride – it’s win/win – you get fitter and we get funds.
5. ThinkTwice Challenge
Whether it be riding from Lands End to John O’Groats, Skydiving, or scaling the Three Peaks (or Everest, we’re not fussy!) challenge yourself to something outside your comfort zone and get your loved ones and colleagues to sponsor you.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas and inspired you to start fundraising. If you’re planning to fundraise for us, we’d love to help you out in any way we can and give you materials to help your efforts.

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