Hold Out Hope – #SOScampaign2015

Last year, we wanted to get you about speaking of suicide. We wanted to change the language used – using phrases like “completed suicide” rather than “committed suicide” – and we were overwhelmed with the response. For more information on last year’s campaign have a read here.

So this year, we wanted to take things a step further.

Now we’re Speaking of Suicide, we want to Hold Out Hope.

Hold Out Hope for the Mum who’s at the end of her tether and wondering if she can go on.

Hold Out Hope for the boy who doesn’t fit in at school and doesn’t feel like he can fit in at life either.

Hold Out Hope for the girl who sees nothing but shame in the mirror and wishes she could disappear.

Hold Out Hope for the families of the 800 000 people who die by suicide every year.

So how can you Hold Out Hope?

1) Get tweeting! Use the has tags #wspd15, #SOScampaign and #HoldOutHope to join the conversation.

2) Speak of Suicide! Let’s stop speaking about suicide as if it were a crime – instead of committing suicide – use phrases like “died by suicide” or “took their own life”.

3) Get booking! Let us come to speak to your church or youth group about suicide in a way that isn’t scary or depressing – but in a way which inspires hope. We’ll be looking at the scale of suicide, what the Bible has to say on suicide prevention in the life of Elijah and how we can bring hope to people when they are at their most hopeless. Head over to our resources page for more information.

4) Hold Out Hope! Offer a listening ear, accompany someone to the doctors, send a text or tweet to someone you know is struggling.

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