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Knowing how to fix things doesn’t always mean we can.

I can point to many times, growing up, when I have felt low or anxious. In and amongst studying hard, trying to make friends, learning more of God’s truth, I struggled to see where I fit. I struggled to know what my place was and how to translate the truths of our infinite God to my confusion or sadness.

I have gone on to study a social work degree and work alongside lots of people experiencing mental health issues. It breaks my heart continually to see the struggle and know how often it is not easy to find help.

For me, as my anxiety has increased in the last few years, I felt frustrated knowing the theory. Knowing what is meant to make things easier, the things I would suggest to others in the same place, yet it not making any  difference. It led me to speaking with a counsellor, an incredible christian lady, and I found myself able to try afresh. Even the things I knew in my head, being told them by another, made a clear impact.

I continue to feel anxious about things in day to day life, yet speaking God’s truth over and throughout my life, while applying helpful techniques like actually identifying what’s making me squirm has been beneficial.

I want to be continually formed by my identity in Christ, not formed by the feeling of dread  in my gut.

I want to be joyful of being His child, not panicking over the insignificant.

I want to be assured that His grace is enough, not doubting my place amongst the community of Christ.

I pray you can also speak truth in those moments.

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