Monday marks the beginning of Eating Disorder Awareness Week and includes National Self-Harm Awareness on Wednesday. To mark this we are launching our #TakeCare campaign to encourage people to offer acts of care both for themselves and others.

In order to do this we want people to Tweet, Facebook and Instagram ideas about how they are taking care of themselves and those around them. Example ideas could be:

  • accompany someone for a walk in the sunshine
  • offer to help them with housework
  • get a manicure with a friend
  • take children to the park to give a parent a break
  • pay for someone to spend the day doing something they love,
  • send your pet to someone who loves animals for a day
  • lend out your favourite book

So often when someone is struggling with self-harm or an eating disorder, self-care can feel impossible in contrast to the pull of hurting oneself.

We want to encourage small ways in which people struggling can begin to take care of themselves; whether it be getting out in the sunshine or reading a book they love – but we also want to encourage everyone to reach out to those they know are struggling and show them they care.

We’d love to hear how you’re getting involved so use the hashtag #TakeCare and tag @ThinkTwiceInfo!