Summertime and the living is easy – right?

It’s how the song goes, but it’s not always how life goes.

When there are barbecues every week, Pimms to drink, time off work and balmy summer evenings to enjoy – what’s not to love? (Although as I write it’s pouring with rain – the advice is relevant in rain, too!)

The problem is, life doesn’t stop just because we might be on holiday.

It can feel as though there is an expectation to be happy – which can intensify feelings of depression.

A change in routine, nights too hot to sleep in, putting on swimsuits can worsen body anxieties; we’ve put together a few tips to get you through the longer days.

  1. Ensure you’re drinking enough water in hot weather – dehydration helps no-one!
  2. Create a routine for you and your family – it doesn’t need to be the same every day but it might be helpful to make Thursdays swimming days or Mondays exploring days give structure to the seemingly endless six weeks!
  3. Get some rest – this might sound obvious on holiday but it’s important that you don’t cram so much in that you come home tireder than you were before your holiday!
  4. Set a budget and stick to it – summer can be expensive so try to be strict with your budget so that September doesn’t start in the red.
  5. Try not to pressurise your time – trying to have the ‘best’ summer can make it more stressful and less fun!