Today is national #TimetoTalk day in the UK and to join in we thought we would  give you a few ideas about raising awareness in your church or workplace.

  1. Ask a colleague out for coffee – you don’t need to lecture them about mental health, but find out how they’re doing and maybe make a new friend.
  2. Run a cake sale to raise money for Time to Change or ThinkTwice (or a mental health charity of your choice), use the opportunity to talk about how you manage your mental health.
  3. Get together with your midweek group and spend some time looking at the Psalms and praying into the emotions portrayed and how they might be relevant to mental health conditions.
  4. Hold a session with your young people to talk about mental health – you can download plans here
  5. Book at ThinkTwice Course to equip your team to understand more about mental health and where God is in the midst of it all.