This week, for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, we’re looking at some of the most common mental health conditions and asking how we can help – heart, mind, soul and strength.

What does wholeness look like from the inside of depression? When the darkness seems overwhelming and thoughts are blurry and unfocussed? Depression is an illness which corrodes hope, leaving exhaustion in its wake.

Heart: Depression can make it incredibly difficult to maintain relationships; the exhaustion and feelings of not being good enough often make people withdraw – but try checking in regularly to let them know you care – send them a card or some flowers.

Mind: It can be difficult to concentrate, so perhaps send someone an audible membership or send them recorded sermons which might be easier as they can listen to them at their own pace.

Soul: Encourage someone by pointing them to the psalms of lament (Psalm 88, Psalm 44), feelings of sadness and hopelessness can be brought before God and He does listen.

Strength: At whatever stage someone is at, getting moving (particularly outside) can help. For some it will be walking downstairs to the garden; for others it might be a jog, but whatever it is, encourage those small steps.

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