It’s time to talk about mental illness.

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The Pursuit of Happy

It's elusive, fought for and paid for, but what if we're looking for the wrong thing? I'm talking about happiness. It's seen as a right, an end goal; but the more I've thought about it, the more I wonder whether in pursuing happiness we're missing out on something...

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Child’s Play

A recent report by Action for Children has highlighted once again the pressures facing children and young people in the 21st century. It surveys a huge range of issues that young people are facing, but we are going to focus on just two here: school pressure and social...

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Reality Bites

On Monday night, the hugely popular and divisive "Love Island" returned to TV screens up and down the country filled with catchphrases and honed beach bodies. The promotional images are glossy and brightly coloured, but even a passing glance at coverage of 'Love...

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