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Working Together to Prevent Suicide #WorldMentalHealthDay

For too long, the work of suicide prevention has been thought to be the preserve of a few, highly trained individuals. But with 800,000 people dying by suicide each year, and countless more making attempts on their own life; suicide prevention is everyones business....

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#SpeakofSuicide in Mums – 5 Ways to Reach Out

In the weeks between World Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day, which this year focusses on suicide prevention, we're going to be focussing in on those who are the highest risk of suicide and share how we can hold out hope. It came to my attention last...

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Breaking the Silence on Suicidal Thoughts #SpeakofSuicide

“I want to die” Four words that have buzzed in and out of my mind countless times over the past two decades. At times they have drifted through without my paying much attention to them, as strange as that may sound. At other times, it has felt like those words...

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