Who’s Who?


Rachael Newham – Founding Director

Rachael founded ThinkTwice in 2010 after visiting mental health inpatient units throughout Hertfordshire as part of her degree course. She completed a research masters entitled “Towards a Contemporary Pastoral Theology of Clinical Depression” at the London School of Theology. Rachael speaks regularly at churches and events for ThinkTwice, and she is currently writing her first book with SPCK. She also has experience as a volunteer mental health chaplain and writes freelance for a number of publications including Preach and Youthwork Magazine. Rachael is married to Phil and lives in Hertfordshire with him, lots of books and Phil’s bicycle paraphernalia!

Rachael is available to speak and write on issues surrounding mental health and the church – for more information email rachaelnewham@thinktwiceinfo.org



Mark Bowdery – Chair of Trustees

Mark first met Rachel whilst they were studying at London School of Theology, at the time ThinkTwice was born. In late 2014, Mark joined the board of Trustees. Mark works in the pensions industry as a Client Manager, and has also been involved in various forms of church ministry for a number of years. Like Rachel, Mark has spent time volunteering as a hospital chaplain, and also has personal experience of friends and loved ones who struggle with mental health issues.  Mark lives in Surrey with his wife Jemma. His keen interests include cooking, walking and films.

Mark can be contacted by emailing trustees@thinktwiceinfo.org



Tom Cox – Treasurer

Tom is training for Baptist Ministry and is currently a Minister-in-Training at Bewdley Baptist Church, and a Ministerial Student at Regent’s Park, Oxford. A mathematician at A-Level, Tom has always had a keen eye for numbers and so when the role of Treasurer was advertised for, it seemed like an ideal way to begin his involvement with ThinkTwice. Aside from study, he is involved in officiating in both tennis and hockey at national level, loves US comedy shows, classic British dramas and wears shorts even in the winter (he’s from up North!)

Tom can be contacted for anything number-related and for information about how to donate to us – treasurer@thinktwiceinfo.org




Kelly Maxted – Trustee

Kelly studied theology at London School of Theology, graduating in 2011. She now lives in south Bucks with her husband and two sons, where she helps to run a local toddler group at her local church. Kelly loves the National Trust, avocados, tea,  Brene Brown, and days out with her family. Kelly got involved in ThinkTwice after meeting Rachael at LST. Now the fundraising trustee, she is excited to see ThinkTwice reach new people across the country.

Kelly can be contacted by emailing trustees@thinktwiceinfo.org

One thought on “Who’s Who?

  1. Colin sheppard

    Hi Rachel,
    My name is Colin sheppard -from Emmanuel Church, northwood-where I chair our social justice team 9SJT) . we’re very concerned to be more user friendly over mental health-but are struggling over “how”.
    can you help, please?

    Best wishes,
    Colin -01923 282831
    ps Sam Buck told me of Think Twice


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