The First Sanctuary

I don’t know about you, but when I think of sanctuary I think of grand cathedrals and Esmerelda seeking sanctuary inside the Notre Dame in the Disney film The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Introducing our Sanctuary Campaign

When you think of sanctuary, I wonder what first springs to mind. I wonder where your place of sanctuary is, the place you feel safest.

I asked some people over on Facebook and Twitter a few weeks back and the responses revolved mainly around bed, at home or with loved ones.

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All the Lonely People

It’s been called an epidemic, a threat to our health that could be worse than smoking or obesity and it can make you prone to depression.

No, I’m not talking about alcohol or drugs.

I’m talking about loneliness.

Not only do over a million elderly people in the UK feel lonely almost all the time

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Fresher’s Fear?

Fresher’s week (or fortnight). The most exciting time of your life. Meeting tons of new friends, dancing ‘til dawn, freebies at Freshers fair.

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5 Ways to Get Your Church Talking About Mental Health

There is a growing desire in churches to break the silence on mental health issues. So often churches are desperate to engage, but have no idea how. So we’ve compiled 5 starter points to help your church to join the conversation on mental health.


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Recovery; a state sought after, worked for and fought for.

I know I’ve been inclined to think of recovery as some kind of dramatic removal of a diagnosis, the ceasing of symptoms. I’ve hoped that recovery means that every is okay, all is well within the world and nothing will ever hurt again.

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