Beginning in the Brokenness

It’s a theme which runs right through the week.

From the alabaster jar broken to lavish worship on Jesus, to the curtain which tore allowing us to reach the holiest of places.

There are new beginnings springing from the brokenness.

It is a part of the message of Easter;

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Sleep and Sabbath Rest

When I tell you that today is World Sleep Day, I wonder what your reaction is?

I have a somewhat tempestuous relationship with sleep;

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Family Support

Last night the BBC aired a documentary called ‘Girls on the Edge’ looking at three young women who have been sectioned under the mental health act and are cared for in inpatient units hundreds of miles away from home.

The impact this has on, not just the young people with the mental health problems, but

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Love Conquers Stigma

On a day like today – Valentine’s Day in case you’ve missed it – it’s easy to think that love is nothing more than flowers and chocolates between two people who romance one another.

We’ve seen the adverts for last minute delivery of red roses and cards;

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Let the Children Come

It’s easy to think that children don’t get affected by things like mental illness.

And yet concerns about mental health are the number one reason children and young people contacted Childline in 2017 and Place2B3 estimating that 8 in 10 children struggling with low self-esteem.

This years Children’s Mental Health Week is focussed on “Being

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Time to Talk – 5 Ideas to Get Involved

Today is national #TimetoTalk day in the UK and to join in we thought we would  give you a few ideas to start a conversation in your church about mental health.

Ask someone new out for a cuppa – you don’t need to lecture them about mental health, but find out how they’re doing and perhaps

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Mental Health Stigma is a Justice Issue

We all want justice; it’s something that is inbuilt.

And yet all too often, I think we have a far too narrow view of what justice is.

We think that it’s all about courtrooms and tribunals; best left to the professionals.

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“Courage, dear heart.” C.S Lewis, The Voyage of the Drawn Treader
I wonder what it is that requires your courage today?

Maybe its the courage to get out of bed and face the day.

Or perhaps it’s the courage to make the phone call to ask for help?

It might be the courage to tell

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