“Courage, dear heart.” C.S Lewis, The Voyage of the Drawn Treader
I wonder what it is that requires your courage today?

Maybe its the courage to get out of bed and face the day.

Or perhaps it’s the courage to make the phone call to ask for help?

It might be the courage to tell

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New Year, New You!

You see them everywhere this time of year, don’t you?

“New Year, New Body”

“Change yourself – change your life”

“Spring Clean!

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Sanctuary at Christmas

Last year 2.6 million people attended C of E churches over the Christmas with a further 131,000 attending Cathedral services.

With such huge numbers visiting our churches over the next few days;

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Coping with Christmas Cheer

Christmas, a time of unadulterated joy and happiness. No tears allowed, faces must display smiles at all times and sadness must be hidden.

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After the Battle

“When the battle was over, there were battle wounds that needed tending.” Timothy Keller
Dealing with trauma is like dealing with battle wounds; that which caused the wound might be over, but all have to deal with the effects of the wound;

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Memory is a powerful thing. It can transport you back in an instant to the time when you were happiest and it can paralyse you with an all too familiar pain.

Our mental health is often inextricably linked with our memory.

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An Antidote to Stress #NationalStressAwarenessDay

There are 10 million working days lost to stress every single year,  ChildLine has seen a staggering 200% increase in calls about stress from children and young people and nearly a third of parents complain of burnout. In a way, it seems strange to raise awareness of something which is so prevalent.

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