Work and Mental Health

Although many dread the start of another working week; for others, it’s a cruel reminder that a job feels unattainable.

Because, contrary to popular belief and opinion – work was a part of creation before the fall.

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On The Edge: Male Suicide

It’s the biggest killer of men under 45.

On average 84 men lose their life to it every single week in the UK.

It’s not car accidents and it’s not cancer – it’s suicide.

And regular viewers of Coronation Street will have been faced with its stark reality as it aired the death and aftermath

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Beginning in the Brokenness

It’s a theme which runs right through the week.

From the alabaster jar broken to lavish worship on Jesus, to the curtain which tore allowing us to reach the holiest of places.

There are new beginnings springing from the brokenness.

It is a part of the message of Easter;

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Sleep and Sabbath Rest

When I tell you that today is World Sleep Day, I wonder what your reaction is?

I have a somewhat tempestuous relationship with sleep;

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