Our Team.

Rachael Newham – Founder and Trainer

Rachael Newham founded ThinkTwice in 2010 after visiting mental health inpatient units throughout Hertfordshire as part of her degree course. She holds a research master’s entitled ‘Towards a Contemporary Pastoral Theology of Clinical Depression’ from the London School of Theology and now spends much of her time travelling the country preaching, speaking and writing about issues related to faith and mental health.

She has written a book “Learning to Breathe” which is published by SPCK and charts her story alongside a theology of mental health and she writes freelance for a number of publications. Rachael lives in Hertfordshire with husband and baby son along with lots of books and Phil’s bicycle paraphernalia! She blogs regularly at www.rachaelnewham.com, while drinking lots of coffee and indulging in her love of photography on Instagram. She can also be found tweeting @RachaelNewham90


Mark Bowdery – Chair

Mark studied with Rachael at London School of Theology when ThinkTwice was founded. A couple of years later he joined the Trustee board and took over the role of Chair in 2015. Mark works in the financial services, and brings his experience of good governance to the running of ThinkTwice. Mark lives in Surrey with his wife and young son.

Tom Cox – Treasurer

Tom is the Minister at Oadby Baptist Church. A mathematician at A-Level, Tom has always had a keen eye for numbers and so when the role of Treasurer was advertised for, it seemed like an ideal way to begin his involvement with ThinkTwice. 

He is involved in officiating in both tennis and hockey at national level, loves US comedy shows, classic British dramas and wears shorts even in the winter (he’s from up North!)

Tom can be contacted for anything number-related and for information about how to donate to us at treasurer@thinktwiceinfo.org

Katherine Melling

Katherine is studying for a Diploma in Theology at King’s College London, and is the mum to two fantastic and mind-boggling young boys. Previously, she studied French and Italian at university and then qualified as a librarian, working in a variety of roles at UCL and Oxford.  Having moved several times in the UK and the USA, where she was confirmed in a wonderful church in Cary, North Carolina, Katherine has recently settled in Buckinghamshire.  She is privileged to be a trustee of ThinkTwice and excited about supporting churches in their understanding of and pastoral work in mental health.

The Trustees can be contacted at trustees@thinktwiceinfo.org

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