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We had hoped.

We had hoped.

They are some of the saddest words. They are words that speak of hopelessness, broken dreams and unspeakable agony. It saddens me that I can think of countless times I have heard these words.

We had hoped that he would get the job.

We had hoped that the chemotherapy would work.

We had hoped we would reach her in time.

We had hoped that things would get better.

We had hoped he would come home.

‘We had hoped He was the one to redeem Israel.’ Words found in Luke’s gospel after the crucifixion of the one we call Christ. They had hoped He was who they had been waiting for.

The words ‘We had hoped’ hold a great deal of pain and regret. They imply that hope has died.

And yet, for those travellers on the Emmaus – hope had not died. Because as although the death of Jesus seemed to be the dashing of their dreams and the destruction of their hope – His resurrection brought about a new hope. The hope and promise that Death would never again have the last word.

As the football world still reels after the news of Gary Speed’s suicide – hope can be found. Hope can be found in the darkest nights of the soul, the Holy Saturdays that seem never-ending. The family, friends and fans of Gary Speed can still have hope.

Because after the crucifixion of Christ – came the resurrection of Christ and a new life of hope.

We can hope for rescue.

We can hope for freedom.

We can hope for healing.

We can hope.